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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Patenting

Our Services

AI-Powered Patent Translation

Let Your Patent Protect Your Business All Over the World

IPLUCY's "Patent-Specialized" AI translation engine helps inventors to get patent protections in more countries by high-quality patent translations at ultra-low cost.

Ultra-Low Cost by Ultra-fast AI Engine

IPLUCY's powerful AI engine reduces the total time for translation including expert review to 1/5-1/3 of the conventional human only translation.


High Quality w/t Leakage

Machines make no "human errors" such as skipping phrases or sentences. This itself helps to build the fundamentals of  "Quality Translations".


Translated Drawings Together w/ Texts

IPLUCY's SW engineers do not satisfied with patent text translation only. They also have developed SW modules for processing patent drawings.


Seamless Integration w/ Expert Reviews

We know AI is not perfect. Our developers also have added cutting-edge UI for experts to review, edit, find, replace-all, etc. the machine translation conveniently online.

AI-Powered Prior Arts Search

Opening a New Era for the Prior Arts Search


In our sample cases, ipLucy can find official prior arts within 100th similar patents it analysed. It means human experts only need to review at most about 100 patents of the highest ranks to confirm which ones are actually similar prior arts. 


Ultra Fast

ipLucy reads more than 6M+ US issued and reissue patents and 3M+ published patent applications in minutes, and provides similar patents lists with rankings. 

With this speed, human experts can find prior arts in far less time than with conventional search databases.



Machines never get tired of their works. They don’t get sick. Likewise, IpLucy never misses any single word or phrase. It never misses any small clues.

Let the Results Speak for Themselves!

* How we test ipLucy for the Sample Cases:

  1. Sample Cases: Actual cases of Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of US Patent and Trademark Office

  2. Average Rank of Official Prior Art: Averaged rank of official prior arts of the sample cases at which ipLucy found out of over 6 Million existing US patents in the database.

  3. Average Analyzed Patents: Average number of existing patents filtered out of the whole existing patents for actual in-depth analysis by ipLucy.

  4. Average Analysis Time: Average time required for in-depth analysis by ipLucy.


Global Patent Filing & Prosecution

Provided by OH & HAHM - a Patent Law Firm in South Korea

The founders of IPLUCY Inc. are registered patent attorneys having more than 20 years of intellectual property law practices in South Korea. They are also SW engineers in AI, big data and web technology. 


With these knowledge and field experiences, they have developed various AI systems such as patent specialized AI translation and AI prior arts search engines.


OH & HAHM, a patent law firm also founded by the founders in 2001 in South Korea, provides patent filing and prosecution services in South Korea.


OH & HAHM also provides global patent services in connection with local patent attorneys/agents including US, EU, Japan, China, etc.

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