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Bring AI Innovations into Patent World


Intelligent Patent Tools

AI-Powered Patenting

AI-powered SW tools help protect your inventions all over the world!

IPLUCY's "Patent-Specialized" AI engines help you to get patent protections in more countries with high-quality patents at ultra-low cost.

Ultra-Low Cost by 

Ultra-fast AI Engine

IPLUCY's powerful AI engine reduces the total time for translation and prior arts searching to 1/5-1/3 of the conventional practices.

Processing Drawings Together w/ Texts

IPLUCY's engineers do not satisfied with processing patents' texts only. They have developed SW modules for processing patent drawings, also.

High Quality w/t Human Errors

Machines make no "human errors" such as skipping sentences or hit results. This itself helps to build the fundamentals of  "Quality Practice".

Seamless Integration w/ Human Experts

We know AI is not perfect. Our developers also have added cutting-edge UI for human experts to review, edit, find, replace-all, etc.

Training AI with High Precision Field Data

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Highly Purified Data from Experienced Patent Professionals

The founders of IPLUCY Inc. are registered patent attorneys having more than 20 years of intellectual property law practices in South Korea. They are also SW engineers in AI, big data and web technology. 


With these knowledge and field experiences, they have developed various AI systems such as patent specialized AI translation and AI prior arts search engines.


OH & HAHM, a patent law firm also founded by the founders in 2001 in South Korea, provides patent filing and prosecution services in South Korea.


OH & HAHM also provides global patent services in connection with local patent attorneys/agents including US, EU, Japan, China, etc.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Characters Translated in Beta Only


Patents Studied & Analyzed


Clients & Partners


And Many More...

Are You Ready to Protect Your Business with AI Power?

If you are ready to protect your business with AI-powered patent practice tools, please let us have your voices.

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